CONNECT Interview: Round table with the CAREN Cooperation Center

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In the final chapter of our CAREN3 series, we interview the new regional coordinator and director of the CAREN Cooperation Center (CAREN CC) Almaz Bakenov, his deputy director Arianna Akmatova and the former director Askar Kutanov. Together they explain the current status of Research and Education in Central Asia following the end of the CAREN projects [...]

CONNECT Interview: Robert Janz

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Our series of interviews on the CAREN3 Project continues with Robert Janz, formerly from the University of Groningen, now freelance ICT consultant. Involved since the early days of the project, he told CONNECT about his past 20 years of experience in bringing connectivity and enhancing collaboration for R&E communities in Central Asia, through CAREN3 and its [...]

CONNECT Interview: Veronika Di Luna

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Veronika Di Luna was GÉANT’s project manager for the CAREN3 Project, the last of a series of successful initiatives bringing high-speed connectivity and enhancing scientific collaboration for the R&E communities in Central Asia. CONNECT interviewed her about the project’s achievements and the continuation of its legacy through the CAREN CC. First part in a series of [...]

«Вызов Открытым Инновациям – Inno4Kg»

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В апреле текущего года Программа Развития ООН (ПРООН) в Кыргызстане в партнерстве с Государственным комитетом информационных технологий и связи (ГКИТиС) и Парком Высоких Технологий (ПВТ) объявили конкурс «Вызов Открытым Инновациям - Inno4Kg». Одним из победителей конкурса стал проект «Вовлечение детей с нарушением слуха к системам цифрового обучения» инициированный Общественным Фондом «Технолэнд». Проект направлен на разработку новых [...]